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Important Information

Winter Busing

Utica Elementary winter busing for the 2018-19 school year will begin on December 3, 2018, and conclude with spring break on March 21, 2019.
Please be at the stop at least five minutes early.
Pick-up and drop-off locations are:
Bus 1      8:45 a.m.      Anderson Avenue and Crestview Drive
Bus 15    8:45 a.m.      North Washington Street and Crestview Drive
Bus 27    8:45 a.m.      North Washington Street and Maple Avenue
Bus 20    8:41 a.m.       Mill Street and Bell Avenue  
Bus 20    8:43 a.m.      Mill Street and Williams 
Bus 20     8:45 a.m.       Fleming's Dairy Building on South Washington Street
Your Driver…

…is a trained professional who is dedicated to providing safe pupil transportation. Driving a school bus is a demanding job. The challenges presented by maneuvering a 30,000 pound vehicle on narrow country roads in all kinds of weather while, at the same time, effectively supervising 50-60 “active” students requires a patient, highly skilled person behind the wheel who is willing to assume a tremendous amount of responsibility for the precious cargo they transport.

Driver applicants are thoroughly evaluated before hire. After a successful interview, they must complete a medical examination, criminal background checks, drug screening and a driving record check. Initial training consists of 15 hours of classroom instruction followed by 20-30 hours of on-the-road training with a certified On Board Instructor (OBI). State evaluators administer the test for the Commercial Driver’s License. Once licensed and certified, drivers are required to complete annual in-service training, an annual physical, have their driving record reviewed quarterly and are subject to random drug testing, as per federal law. Every six years, a driver must complete certification renewal training by attending nine hours of classroom instruction and accomplishing a driving evaluation.

Remember…safely transporting your kids is serious business. Our drivers are trained and equipped to get the job done right…every day!

Transportation Downloads
Mike Maxwell, Transportation Supervisor
Phone:  740-892-2006
North Fork Bus Garage 740-892-2871
Fred Ford, Mechanic
Charles "Robbie" Klick, Mechanic