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Coverage and Benefit

This agreement covers the iPad 24 hours per day against all damage or loss over $50.00.
Accessories (charger and case) and damages valued at less then $50.00 are NOT covered and are the sole responsibility of the student.

Effective and Expiration

This coverage is effective from the date this required form and premium payment are received by the school through the date at which the iPad is required to be returned in good order to the school.


The total premium cost is $50.00 per school year. Partial semesters are not refundable.

It is agreed and understood that: The North Fork Local Technology Protection Fund will offer coverage to all students. Participation is totally voluntary. If a student does not participate he/she will not be allowed to take their iPad off school property.

A separate application will be needed for each iPad covered.

It will be the responsibility of the Technology Department to determine if damages were due to negligence or accidental. A student with a damaged iPad will be given a replacement, but will not be allowed to take the iPad home.